Individual Sessions

I offer 50-minute sessions, once or twice each week tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Treatment areas include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • self-esteem
  • relationships
  • intimacy
  • life transitions and loss
  • eating disorders
  • weight management

Together we will find the best approach for you, whether that entails psychotherapy, nutrition therapy or coaching.


Your Weigh Out - STOP the dieting cycle and join this non-diet approach to weight management! With me as your leader you will: uncover and understand the reasons you overeat, remove self-sabotage traps, change negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones, develop coping tools for emotions and stress without using food and learn to eat mindfully, thoughtfully and supportively. Be supported and inspired by others and feel better about yourself and your body. This program requires a 24-week commitment and is limited to a maximum of eight people. Call for schedules and details.

Women's Group - Consider being part of this psychotherapy group if you are grappling with various women's issues, self-esteem, eating, body image, balancing life roles, life cycle transitions and assertiveness. Be heard, supported and inspired by peers who are struggling with similar obstacles. Call for schedule and details.

Workshops and Lectures

For Your Daughter's Sake - Does your child ask you challenging body image questions? Do you provide your children with positive role modeling, dialogue and support about food, eating and their bodies that will help them to avoid harmful dieting and eating problems? Don't wait until your children are teens. Learn how to guide and support your children toward positive relationships with food and their bodies.

Eat Well, Live Well What we eat affects our thoughts and emotions and how we feel affects what we eat. Stop the vicious cycle of overeating. Learn to eat and behave in a way that nourishes body and mind, and supports a positive body chemistry to reduce cravings and create more physical and emotional energy.

Do You See What I See? - Our body images are both reflected and affected by the things we do to alter those images. Learn to change your self-image from the inside out and redefine beauty so you can treat yourself with respect and admiration.

Raise Your Voice Quietly - Learn what silence and invisibility do to you and how to assert yourself to get what you really want and need in life. Stop feeling badly about yourself and stand up instead of sitting down.